Hi There. The main purpose of this site is Eric Eisenhart's own stuff. It's my website, so I do whatever I want with it... If you want to hire a talented Web programmer or need some general computer consulting (especially in the north bay, but San Francisco, Oakland, etc. are all doable), talk to me.

If you want business consulting or business seminars, I understand my dad is quite good.

If you want wall coverings there seems to be a company in Pennsylvania with the same last name that'd be glad to sell you something; they can't make up their mind what domain they'd like, except that every few years they decide they'd really like to be "eisenhart.com" and then forget all about it.

If you'd like an email alias such as firstname@eisenhart.com and your last name is Eisenhart, talk to me; something could probably be arranged. If you want to put a webpage up at something like firstname.eisenhart.com (or www.firstname.eisenhart.com), talk to me. That's easy on my end, but might require a teensy bit of technical knowledge on your part.

But most of all, this site is pointless and it's about me.